myDRIVESCHOOL® is a suite of road safety E-Learning tools, to bridge the gap between theory and practical driver training.

Over the last 50 years every aspect of road safety has been modified EXCEPT for the way we teach people to drive. Using proven technology, and industry experts in driver training, simulation, gaming, AI, VR, road safety and education myDRIVESCHOOL® has been designed to engage and educate future road users.

Driver error accounts for over 70% of all road trauma – this is where we have the greatest capacity for improvement.

“Potentially the best road safety initiative since the 3 point safety belt”, Paul Gover – leading Australian motoring journalist, author.

    Available courses

    This course has been designed for students before ever getting into a real car. From an OH&S perspective, no-one should ever have to get into the passenger seat with a driver that has never driven before (without dual control). Delivered on PC with optional Virtual Reality.

    The course contains 3 modules:

    Module 1 – basic operational skills and drills
    Module 2 – an introduction to intersections, hazard and spatial awareness
    Module 3 – emergency braking exercises